We live, breath and sleep hockey.

For more than a hundred years, the game of hockey has created a better world through the humans it produces. Us hockey lifers are all lucky to claim everlasting hockey brothers and sisters in our world. Gretzky says the thing he misses most about hockey is the dressing room. Not the goals, awards, wins, or Cups. He knows as do all team players, the battles, wars, triumphs and beats create bonds with your buds that will never break. We embody the universal Hockey spirit of us before me, trust, perseverance, and getting stitched up fast enough not to miss a shift. We will chirp your bad salad and pound the rat who slew footed you within the same game. We will add an ‘sy’ to your last name. We will help you move apartments and send a couple suies up your wing for fun. Hockey players know they gotta put in the work, fight through pain and forget about the name on the jerseys’ back to be a true player. You don't have to have played with a hockey head to know what they stand for. Weel Gear is all about that legendary hockey mindset and is proud to bring it to the world through our high-quality apparel. Weel around in our stuff to let the universe know you’re a player.

If you're picking up what we're laying down, then let us know. Hit us up socially rocking your Weel Gear.